Useful Support Websites and Apps for Children & Young People


Great advice and support for children and young people on lots of different subjects, problems and issues.

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The Hideout

Advice and support for children and young people to understand domestic abuse, and what to do if it’s if it’s happening to you.

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Talk To Frank

The website gives information about drugs and support services available. Talk To Frank is a way for young people to get straight up advice and info about drugs.

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Use the secure online form to give and report information about crime – 100% anonymously.

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Safe Place Scheme

The Safe Place Scheme gives vulnerable people a short term “Safe Place” to go if feeling threatened when out and about. You can also download “My Town Worcestershire” from the App Store, this will show you your nearest “Safe Place” and guide you to it through Google Maps.

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Bases at the Kidderminster District Youth House, Axis is a youth hub that provides  lots of support to young people (up to the age of 25)  helping with issues such as: homelessness or threat of homelessness, breakdown of  family relationships, mental health, substance and alcohol misuse, sexual health and problems accessing education and employment.

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Choices: stay safe, be aware – Mobile App

Discover the outcomes of different situations which are impacted by the choices that you make. Will you choose to follow the crowd or do whats right? See the struggles of making the right decision following the stories of:

  • Mark: Anti-social behaviour
  • Amar: Hate Crime
  • Anna: Healthy relationships
  • Charlie: Bullying
  • Kiara: Theft

Discover the help that is provided for each of these issues and get the help you need to overcome these challenges!

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Think You Know

Guide to internet safety and safe surfing for children and young people.

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