Cookley Youth Club are recruiting 12 young entrepreneurs to take part in our exciting new ‘Young Apprentice’ project

Young people will get the opportunity to be part of the first CYC young peoples’ enterprise. Tasked with making a kids healthy eating cook book, children and young people will take part in workshops including : market research, branding and marketing (including making a logo, promotional video / jingle and website), product development (including developing and making recipes), choosing a format to make the cook book (digital, book and video)…..right through to finding local investors to fund the product and then finally making the product and taking it to market.

All profits raised will be donated to a local community group or charity, as chosen by the young enterprise team. Profits will also fund an end of project treat for our young entrepreneurs.

As young people progress through the CYC Young Apprentice project, they will achieve online digital enterprise badges. Young people can log in, track their progress and track the enterprise badges they have achieved.