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Taking Part In CYC Digital Badges


CYC digital achievement badges are an opportunity to positively connect our young community. We want to give children and young people the opportunity to remain digitally connected, engaged and active.


We’ll be posting lots of fun and creative challenges for children and young people to complete as well as promoting local groups and activities where children can attained and also gain digital badges. As children complete challenges or attend activities, they will be able to unlock and achieve online digital badges and also receive digital reward certificates.


We also want to hear from local groups who also provide activities for children & young people in the Cookley / Caunsall and surrounding areas, so that we can add your activities and create even more digital badges / challenges for children and young people to complete. Get in touch to add a group or organisation badge… 




Children and young people will need to register to take part in CYC digital badges. REGISTER NOW>>>

Once registered children and young people will be able to log into the CYC DIGI-space and start completing challenges which have been set.

Most badges will require picture or video evidence, which once submitted will unlock a code which children can then enter into the DIGI-space. Pictures and videos (once verified by a CYC DIGI-space moderator) will also be added to the DIGI-space virtual media gallery.

Each challenge / digital badge is worth different DIGI-points. By logging in using a username and password children and young people will be able to track which challenges they have completed and how many DIGI-points they have achieved.


As well as a digital badges, different certificates will be issued including our weekly ‘Young Artist Of The Week’.


Children and young people can share audio, images and videos of their completed challenges in our ‘Challenges – Virtual Gallery’. All are moderated and checked by a CYC team member before they appear on the DIGI-space. Children and young people can also become young journalists and publish articles to our blog.


Our digital badge leaderboard is an opportunity to celebrate children and young people who have completed the most challenges and gained the most DIGI-points.